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Unprocessed wines are a little hazy and have natural sediments...Learn More

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Stoutridge uses many sustainable practices in our vineyards and in our winery. These include a solar array that provides 100% of our electricity.Learn More

Slow Wine

We subscribe to the slow wine philosophy of winemaking using minimal intervention and gravity winemaking techniques.Learn More

Biological side winemaking

We use biological methods to accomplish chemical changes in the wine.Learn More

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All of Stoutridge Distillery's products will be produced from New York State Grown ingredients.Learn More

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Our Winery

The winery at Stoutridge Vineyard is a gravity flow design built into a hillside directly on the site of the pre-prohibition era Morano Winery (1902 - 1919). The old winery's foundation wall is all that remains of the historic structure, and it has been meticulously restored to become a beautiful front wall for the Stoutridge tasting room patio. To further preserve the history of the site, the production room of the new winery is of the same dimensions as the previous winery's interior.

By building the winery in into the hillside we are not only able to make our wines using a gentle gravity-flow method, but were able to construct a very energy efficient building using the earth's natural 55F temperature to cool the winery in the summer and warm it in the winter. The winery also incorporates a 30 kW photovoltaic solar cell system on the south facing roof that supplies the building with 100% of it's electrical needs.

The finished winery fits well architecturally and physically into it's site, and although it is quite a large building, it does not look so from the exterior. The structure is very european in character, and in fact was modeled upon German winery design.

Morano winery foundation as it stood in 2004 Stone for stone restack of the Morano Winery Foundation in August 2006 Stoutridge Vineyard Winery September 2006 Building the stairs at Stoutridge Vineyard July 2006